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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ancient Kauri wood flute in key of E. This flute has found a home

Well the shop is finished and I am back at it. With a couple of new flutes under my belt with the new setup I wanted to tackle some wood I picked up on my way back from my trip to Montana in the summer.

This flutes has been sold. I have limited quanities of this wood and will only be making a small amount. This flute comes with a flute bag, Kauri wood certificate of aunthenticity and information pamphlet. For more info and pricing please email me

Ancient Kauri Tree's have been excavated from the bogs in New Zealand. This wood has been carbon dated at around 50,000 years old and these tree's are massive! there are still some growing today and are protected from being harvested.

After being in the bogs from some 50,000 years the wood has been preserved and have gone through some changes during that time. See here for more details Ancient Kauri story

With this flute I tried to convey the Native flute design as well as impart a flavor of where the wood came from... New Zealand. The burned design with red jasper and turquoise at the end is of Maori style art and burn rings on the end to help give it focus. The block in Claro Walnut is a design of Geoffery Ellis of Earth Tone Flutes. Geoffery calls this block the "Mystic" and he has graciously allowed me to use this design for this flute.

Mouthpiece inlay and end cap are also in Claro Walnut. The photo's here do not do this wood justice, when sanded with a fine grit sandpaper the wood comes alive with an irridesence when hit by light. Extra finishing time is required but it's well worth the effort.

This flute is so clear and sweet sounding... very nice!

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