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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Golden Amboyna Burl Em

Amboyna burl is said to be the rarest burl in the world, it is also a very expensive wood. There are 2 colors that I have seen, red and golden. Both very beautiful with amazing grain patterns. As you can see in the photo's this wood has a depth to it that draws your eye's to follow the grain where ever it takes you.

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This is the first time I have work with this wood and it is very nice to work but has it's challenges. With this flute I have combined it with Payung Rosewood which is another very nice exotic wood. It is finished in a high gloss polyurethane finish polished to a glass like finish but still leaving some grain texture visible to show the depth in this wood. There were a few shallow voids in the wood which have been inlayed with Red Jasper, the stone of protection. During the creation process this flute was also smudged with Sweetgrass throughout the mouthpiece, sound hole and sound chamber to help bring out the voice.

This flute is concert tuned to Em Pentatonic standard fingering pattern. For me tuning is a special process, it determines in part the spirit of the flute. I take a few days with this process, playing each flute, thereby allowing the flute to give me direction. Each flute has it's own voice and each player has their own ear for what touches them.

I also offer tuning in Ken Light fingering pattern which has a slightly extended range but takes a little to get use to.

I have one more piece of this wood and will be getting more as it comes available.