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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter is here!

While I am close to completing the new shop and have not had a chance to start any new flutes, I thought I would post a couple of flutes I made this past summer.

The first is a custom flute made out of Spalted Maple and Black ebony accents with inlaid jasper in the block in Low Cm. The first finger hole was offset to allow for better reach as this is a large flute

The second flute made for the same customer is in a beautiful wood, Italian Olive with black walnut accents in Low Bm. The block on the Olive flute is a 4 part laminated block to help tie it in with the colors in the flute body. Olive is a dense wood with amazing grain patterns and even smells like olives. Again the 1st hole was offset as well as the 4th to allow for even more comfortable playing. Both of these flutes represented challenges but in the end they turned out amazing and both sound awesome