Dedicated to creating quality flutes that reflect your personality through hand selected woods like Amboyna Burl, Aromatic Cedar, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Black Willow, Jarrah, Maple (curly, spalted, burl), Myrtle, Narra, Western Red Cedar, Padauk, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Burl, Ancient Kauri, Buckeye Burl and many more. Currently I am taking custom orders, focusing on making a special flute for you based on your needs. Each flute is taken through a process that ensures it will call out to you. Contact me for details All flutes are created by Jim Davis soley

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flute Inventory

For the most part I make flutes by request, recently I have had many request for in-stock flutes. I have decided to start making a small inventory of flutes to keep on hand for general sale to supply this demand. These flutes will be more basic and affordable from my custom flutes, check back soon for more information.